Cenote TajMaHa

Here is a description of one of our favorite cenote in the Riviera Maya : Tajmaha o Tajma Ha (Ha means « water » in Maya). This cenote is actually a part of the same cave system than Cenote Chac Mool. We’ll see its location, description of the site, description of the cavern dives and cave dives you can do there abd a map of this cenote



Cenote Tajma Ha location and description

Cenote Taj Mahal is located on the Caribbean coast of the Yucatán Peninsula, in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico. Situated about:

  • 26 km / 16 miles south of Playa del Carmen.
  • 5 km / 3 miles south of Puerto Aventuras
  • 2 km into the jungle
  • One water entry
  • Two cavern dives in this cenote.


Cavern diving in cenote TajMaha

This is one of the best cenotes as it offers all the typical traits of this type of diving, for both caver and cave divers: dense halocline, amazing light effects in summer sunny days (like laser beams

in room “point of light because” of the 3 holes in the ceiling), fossils, dome (air filled bat cave) roof collapses (sugar bowl), hundreds and hundreds of stalactite stalagmites.

First dive

  • wide room underneath bat cave
  • Air dome with beams of daylight penetrating (laser torch effect) in summer time of the year : room “point of light”
  •  Max depth:15 meters/46 feet

The dive profile can be a little bit aggressive for beginners and sensitive ears divers, because of several changing of depth.


Second dive : sugar Bowl

  • Beautiful stalactites and stalagmites
  • hidden fossiles
  • air filled cave (sugar bowl)
  • Haloclines in the deeper area make interesting mirror–like effects
  • Maximum depth of 21 meters / 69 feet


Cave Diving in TajMaha

  • upstream and down stream.
  • Chinese garden
  • dense halocline
  • highly decorated
  • Max depth:40 meters/130 feet

Map of the cenote Tajma Ha



map of the cenote Tajmaha