Cenote Dos Ojos

Cenote Dos Ojos 

Cenote 2 ojos ( meaning « Two Eyes » in spanish) which is actually « sistema Dos Ojos », is a flooded cave system. It belongs to Ejido Jacinto Pat property.


This is one of the most popular cenotes in the Riviera Maya, known
for its crystal clear water wide openings, good for snorkeling and shallow
cavern dives for not very experienced divers, but still one of the most
beautiful cenotes for the recreational diver.

The system is the third longest underwater cave systems in the world, so it offers a lot of possibility for a certified full cave diver.

Cenotes 2 ojos location

Dos ojos is located on the Caribbean coast of the Yucatán Peninsula, in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico. Situated about:

  • 45 km south of Playa del Carmen
  • 500 meterssouth of very well known park Xel-Ha.
  • Just 15 km north of Tulum.
  •  2.3 km into the jungle


Cavern diving in cenote dos ojos

  • difficulty : easy to moderate : shallow dives, you’ll have to walk about 100 meters / 330 feet from the parking area to the cenote.


  •  First dive : the Barbie Line

    1. averaging a max depth of 7/23 feet meters
    2. continuous cavern tour guidelines installed
    3. beautiful formations: stalactites and stalagmites,
      Columns, Curtains, fossils
    4. this dive is very simple but will blow your mind off…


  •  Second dive : the Bat cave

    Bat Cave Cenote 2 Ojos

    1. maximum depth of 12 meters/39 feet
    2. continuous cavern tour guidelines installed
    3. air filled bat cave, column and stalagtite, fossils
    4. lot of sediment so this dive will require a good buoyancy control and good flutter kick

Cave diving in dos ojos system

Dos ojos system is, so far, the third longest underwater cave in the world. 

For cave divers: many different dives in this massive cave system.

  • more than 80 km/49 miles of explored length
  • so far 28 cenotes connected to it
  • underground river with flow
  • depth between 7 meters/ 23 feet and 119 meters / 392 feet (The pit wich is until now the deepest known cave passage in the world)
  • beautifully decorated system

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Other informations on cenote Dos Ojos

The name Dos Ojos refers to two neighbouring cenotes which connect into a very large cavern zone shared between the two. They appear like two large eyes into the underground.

The exploration of Dos Ojos began in 1987 through thoses two circular cenotes. Obviously it still continues. The surveyed extent of the cave system is 81.5 kilometres / 50.6 miles. So far, there is 28 known entrances (cenotes ) connected to this system. In 1996, the deepest known cave passage in Quintana Roo (119 meters/391 feet) has been disovered in the system Dos Ojos : The Pit




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