Cenote Chac Mool


Cenote Chac Mool

Here is a description of one of the most popular cenote in the Riviera Maya : Chac Mool. Check the location , description of the site, what you can do, description of cavern dives, of cave dives and other informations.

Check out the VIDEO of Cavern Dive in Cenote Chac Mool

Cenote Chac Mool Location

Cenote Chac Mool is located on the Caribbean coast of the Yucatán Peninsula, in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico. Situated about:

  • 24 km south of Playa del Carmen
  • 100 meters south of Puerto Aventuras
  •  2 km into the jungle

Description of the site and what you can do in cenote Chac Mool

-There are 3 water entries :

  • Chac Mol
  • Kukulkan
  • Little brother

-Kukulkan and Little brother are a popular combination of 2 dives, accessible to any level of divers (starting from open water/nivel1 certification)

– great for cave divers

– Facilities :

  • Parking : yes
  • Bathroom: yes

Cavern diving in cenotes Chac Mool

  • Difficulty: easy, there are stairs to get to both entrances. This cenotes has large rooms and shallow waters : it is perfect for beginners to cavern diving. There are two cavern zones with an easy traverse to the second opening.
  • First Dive : Kukulkan

    1. averaging a max depth of 14 meter /44 feet
    2. continuous cavern tour guidelines installed
    3. breathtaking curtain of light in sunny mornings.
    4. Strong halocline layer at 10 meters / 32 feet (when fresh and salt water mix creating a fascinating visual effect)
    5. some marine fossiles from coral and shells
    6.  Very little decoration but still a great place for underwater pictures.

  •  The second dive : Chac mool, entrance name: little brother

    1. maximum depth of 12 meters/39 feet
    2. continuous cavern tour guidelines installed
    3. very well decorated with hundreds of stalactites
    4. part of the ceiling has collapsed under an air dome where divers can surface
    5.  little bit of halocline
    6.  little bit of light entrance


Cave diving in cenote Chac Mool

  • Cenote Chac Mool offers :
    1. long penetrations.
    2. cristal clear water
    3. Highly decorated just 90 meters/ 300 feet beyond the cavern limits.
    4. Several highly decorated domes rooms
    5. This cenote chac mol is home of « the
      monster » the world’s longest underwater stalactite so far can be seen during this cave diving (27 feet tall/9 meters).
    6. average depht 12 meters / 40 feet
    7. maximum depht 29.6 meters / 98 feet
    8. upstream and downstream
    9.  many cenotes within the cave system : Chac Mool (main entrance), Pakal upsteam), Kukulkan (downstream), Emergency air, Chicitito, Molarra, Miracle…

Other informations about Chac Mool

Chac-Mool means in maya “thundering paw”. It is usually the name given to a type of stone statues (from pre-columbian period in Mesoamerican region) which are found in temples of Maya civilzation such as Chichen Itza.

Chac-Mool should not be confused with Chaac which is the God of Rain and Thunder in Maya mythology.  However, people do this confusion and often attribute the name of the cenote Chac-Mool to the God of rain… the funny thing and more confusing is the name Kukulkan

Kukulkan is the maya name of a Maya snake deity : Plumed serpent… A modern collection of folklore from Yukatan relates that Kukulkan always travels a ahead of Chaac, helping to predict the rains as his tail moves the winds and sweeps the earth clean.