What’s the difference between Cavern and Cave Diving ?


cave diving

In cenotes we make a distinction between cave and cavern.







Limits of a Cenote Cavern Dive :

  • you are at a maximum distance of 67meters / 140feet from any exit (open water)
  • you can always see the light from entrances
  • there are no restriction area : there is alway room for 2 people side by side.

Rules for Cenote cavern diving are :

  • NO snorkel, gloves, or knives
  • max 4 divers per guide
  • no decompression diving
  • max distance to open water : 67m/140ft
  • keep your light on during the entire dive
  • never pass under the guide line
  • no restrictions (area big enough for 2 divers to pass side by side)
  • always maintain a continuous guideline to the surface
  • follow the guide in a single line
  • keep your position and stay at least 1.5 m /5ft from the diver in front of you
  • dive in horizontal position
  • bend your knees and use the frog-kick finning style ( this kick prevent from damaging stalactites and stalagmites but also from rising sediment which would affect the visibility)


Who can do which kind of cenote dives ?

Most people who ask us for doing a Cave dive are actually interested in Cavern Diving.
While cavern diving is available and safe for any divers with a certification starting from Open water Certified diver ( as long as the briefing is well done and well listened to !!) , a cave dive is reserved to technical divers with a Cave Diver certification.
To dive in water-filled caves, a diver must use specialized equipment and specialized training.
Improperly trained divers, including open water instructors, have a very poor safety record in caves.
Please , if you DO NOT have the proper training
NEVER accept to do a cave diving with a guide, as beautiful it sounds !
If you are interested in cave diving, be sure to receive the proper training (Cave Diver) from a well-respected instructor.

This underground river system is running all over the Yucatan peninsula, and just a little part of it has been explored until now, so if you’re coming especially for cave diving, we can arrange a full week exploration or as many days you’d like.