Cave Diving Tour

Cave Diving Cenote with Alux Divers

 With the longest underwater cave system of the world, cenotes in riviera maya are a paradise for cave divers.

What certification do you need to do cave diving ?

To dive in water-filled caves, a diver must use specialized equipment and specialized training. Improperly trained divers, including open water instructors, have a very poor safety record in caves.

If you are interested in cave diving, be sure to receive the proper training : Cave Diver from a well respected instructor.



Why should you have a guided cave diving ?

We highly recommend you to be guided for your cave dive for many reasons :

  • Local guide can make your logistic a lot easier and provide all the equipment you need : transportation, tank, safety kit, oxygen, lights etc… so you won’t have to carry or pay for all this heavy extra baggage with you!!
  •  He can make you earn a lot of time thanks to his knowledge of the local cenotes  with detailed plan of your dives
  • You will only have to focus on enjoying your dives
  • Your safety is increased
  • Protection of this beautiful but very fragile ecosystem is increased


The organization of the cave exploration

There are so much caves that require different organization (depending on the location, depth, gaz mix etc…) that it would be difficult to be specific here.

Usually, we get in touch with you and prepare everything according to your experience, directly by mail/ phone, and do a previous meeting to set up everything.

Our service includes :

  • Certified guide ( IANTD Full Cave diver )
  • A/C Transportation to and from cenotes
  • usually 1 or 2 Cave dives
  • Cenote entrance fee
  • Soft drinks and small lunch
  • Any gear available with an extra charge