Welcome to Alux Divers – Cenotes Cavern and Cave Diving & Ocean Diving- Mexico

 Welcome to Alux Diver(s) !!!

Alux Diver specializes in cave and cavern diving in the wonderful cenotes throughout the Riviera Maya (Playa del Carmen, Puerto aventuras, Akumal and the Tulum area), but we do not forget our first love: diving in the ocean.

Our objective is to share our passion of diving these amazing gifts of nature you’ll find in our Caribbean cost:

  • Cenotes, where you will find the most incredible limestone caves and caverns.
  • And beautiful reefs in warm water with a wide option of dive sites.

We want to make your dive an unforgettable memory and make sure you’ll have the best experience you can possibly have as well as the best quality and safetyin our service.

Cenotes cavern and cave diving.

Throughout the Yucatan peninsula, the land is very porous and allows the rain to filter through the limestone, leaving along hundreds kilometers of underground river sytem with spectacular formations of Stalagtites and Stalagmites. The entrance of those underground river is what we call Cenotes. They are located deep in the jungle.

This part of Mexico is the only place in the worldwhere you can appreciate these amazing wonders of nature. It’s a real blessing to have the privilege to dive in a cenote which, beyond its beauty, is very meaningful, spiritual and mystical for the Mayan culture.

The caverns with their beautiful light entrances and their outstanding rock formation will be a delight for any diver (starting from Open Water certified divers).

We are also talking about hundreds of kilometers of underground caves with formations you can’t even imagine. So it’s an endless possibility of exploration for technical divers certified as Cave Divers.

We manage packages so you can discover several cenotes, each one has its own uniqueness.

Every diver should live this adventure a least once . We love it and we hope you’ll do too!!!


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The carribean sea has so much more to offer:

  • Reef scuba diving in Playa del Carmen and Cozumel 
  • Whale shark tour during the seasons (june-september) 


So stop staring and just dive it!!!

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Our main concern is your safety and your satisfaction in our service
That’s why we prefer to manage only small groups (max 4 divers per guide for cavern diving and 6 divers per divemaster for ocean diving)
Of course, our guides are totally certified and have years of experience in the area.
Our vehicles are fully insured and have all the authorization for tourism transportation.

Please, always make sure ,before booking any tour with anybody, that your guide and your transportation have the right certification and authorization, and cover you for any problem!
Feel free to ask for their certifications and licences!!

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